Title/Location Little Sister Report-Westport, Massachusetts
Region New England - New Bedford Massachusetts
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By LittleSister1
Date Posted 2021-08-04 08:30:17

Little Sister has moved from Quincy to Westport for the rest of the season about 6 weeks ago. Since then we have been putting a hurt on local sea bass to five pounds, scup to 18 inches, stripers into the 40 pound range and "healthy cod" (Coxes Ledge) into the 20 pound range.
Starting this week I will be carrying green crabs on inshore trips as the blackfish limit just went from 1 fish a day to 3 fish/person/day. The blackfish fishing ("with jigs", A LITTLE SISTER SPECIALTY) gets better every day starting mid September and we always leave 'em biting when the boat turns in for the season after mid November.
Send me an email for full details!

Captain Jason Colby
Little Sister Charters


Report Photos

Sea Bass (like this) EVERY DAY

18+ inch JUMBO (lots of 16-17 inch ones)

Lots of this stuff (we have to put back alive)

Lots of "Slot Fish" (28-35 inches)

Cod "out there"...

Cod on Coxes Ledge

Tog in the fall

The Fall Tog GET BIG!


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