NEW "Light" Hybrid Rod Tested!

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NEW "Light" Hybrid Rod Tested!

Postby Scuba Chris » Fri May 19, 2023 9:30 pm

Field Testing my 9'9" ML G-Series "Hybrid" Rod From Mustad!

My other Hybrid rod is also a 9'9" but is a Medium, this new arrival is Medium-Light. I feel these ratings are slightly incorrect in accordance to my experience of being a fisherman. My current Medium rated rod reacts more like a Medium-Heavy thus making my newly acquired ML rod feel more like a true "Medium" during a prolonged fight under load during field testing.

But since there's no "norm" to go by these are my impressions of years of shoreline fishing. Before this i've used +100 rods easily over the years so i can "feel" how a rod should react under load. Actually my field observations of the new ML has shown me these Hybrid rods are slightly more beefier than most other brands given the same ratings. So my reaction of this ML classification is that it flexes & reacts like a basic Medium strength of most other brands given its length.

I had 2 large strikes this day, the 3rd strike cut line after a long fight. So how do i feel about my new Hybrid rod? It's the perfect "Steelhead" rod for working the shorelines. My previous 9'9" Med reacts more like a MH and i'm basically over-powering fish under 10lbs. But this ML reacts more like a Med & i find myself enjoying the hook-ups. My last untried received Hybrid is a whopping 10'6" and is a Med. Noticeably heavier so will equip it with either a 4K or a 5K spinner.
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