Installed Gomexus Knobs on my Original Azores 8000 Pair!

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Installed Gomexus Knobs on my Original Azores 8000 Pair!

Postby Scuba Chris » Thu May 04, 2023 12:42 pm

1st Successful Attempt of Fitting an Original Azores For a Gomexus Knob!

I was a bit worried that i lacked the parts to make this work. But Vernon at Gomexus has been sending me some extra parts that came in useful today! The Azores line for Okuma is one of Okuma's older models but for many of us, myself included i hold a special place in my heart for these heavy yet dependable spinning reels!

Earlier today i alerted Gomexus that i found the combination of the right parts for the newer Blue Azores 6K. I've already figured out the 8K. The 4K is still a problem. That model brought myself & Vernon together to conquer this project. Now i solved the power knob recommendation for the original Azores 8K. Who'd thought that we needed a 47mm knob meant for a Daiwa Spinning Reel?

Besides looking "cool" it's important to have a better grasp of your handle. Many stock knob configurations lack the proper "balance" for a more powerful grasp that can help overpower your catch. I'm happy that i've been able to help in finding suitable solutions to help the angler land his or hers catch.
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