Multiple Mezashi Jig Strikes on April Fool's Day @ Sunrise!

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Multiple Mezashi Jig Strikes on April Fool's Day @ Sunrise!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sun Apr 02, 2023 2:58 pm

How I Fished April Fool's Day 2023!

I was up & out while still dark & was taking strikes before sunrise on 4-1-2023. I could tell all my smaller hits were either small Jacks or Barracudas. Not big enough to stress my rig (9'9" Mustad G-Series Hybrid Spinning Rod w/Olympus Accord 40 Spinning Reel). I was again breaking in my new Mezashi Jigs by Mustad & was using my favorite green/gold at 30g. Using 10lb Eminent braid i was easily surpassing 80yd though all strikes occurred within 30-50ft of me.

Cudas love to follow my jigs into shore. But when they feel that they're trying to get away by going into the shallows they attack. I saw the big thick 3ft Cuda following my jig in from +50ft away. At first i thought it was a Jack because of the large "V" wake behind the jig. It was low tide so the Jacks were way offshore in the central part of the bay where it was deeper. Even the Awa-awa's "Ladyfish" were jumping but way out in deeper water.

My new 30g Mezashi Jig was broken in today. Next time i'll use the 20g for shallow conditions like today. This jig was released in Europe to Asia & Australia more than a year ago. Still testing these. Has a single front hook to an Ultra-Point Treble in the back instead of the Jaw Loks used elsewhere. When i use dark colors though reflective in brackish waters it doesn't entice the fish to strike whereas brighter colors will. I'm sure the reverse holds true for clearer ocean/freshwater conditions that darker colors will prevail. Need to try that when our local weather conditions improve. I've been home for a few hours after jigging this morning & it's pouring outside again. At least i hit Costco on the way home.
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