Cedros Has Rubberized Inner Spool For Braid!

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Cedros Has Rubberized Inner Spool For Braid!

Postby Scuba Chris » Wed Dec 28, 2022 12:19 am

This Information Isn't On The Company Website Or The Box!

Years ago i was given plain white boxes with model#'s hand written on the outside & was asked to "fill in the blanks" on what i thought of these reels. Well, they were strong & lightweight with a rubberized gasket spool seal. They casted far as surf spinners & strong enough to horse in a stingray. I only assumed the rubberized applied coating to the inner surface of the spool was obviously for the use of braided line.

Well years latter i checked Okuma's web page & there still isn't any information added on this important feature. So this means that if you want to maximize your yarded by using braid over clear line (mono or fluoro) that as an angler you're not aware of this feature. So please study the picture that shows this. There's no need to add tape first when spooling on fresh braid!

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