Ran Half The Spool in 15sec! Small GT or Massive Bone?

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Ran Half The Spool in 15sec! Small GT or Massive Bone?

Postby Scuba Chris » Tue Nov 08, 2022 10:47 pm

I Thought My Rod Was Going To Snap Fighting It!
(Update-On Oct 29 at this area i hooked & landed a large scrappy 8.5lb Bonefish O'io. Fight was slightly more than a minute & was easily horsed in & released. This strike & fight was definitely a GT).

I started out early this morning to hunt for live mangrove crab for bait. My first fish i saw was a huge Pao'pao +10lb "Golden Trevally" only 2ft from shore doing head-stands. It was blowing water to dig-up buried crabs. I found my spot. After netting 10 crabs i started live baiting. That attracted the attention of a 15lb Ulua "Giant Trevally". Then an angler came by, Chad who started plugging to catch it. But no luck.

So i started to doze off in the mangroves when my Limited Edition GT Spinning Reel started to scream! Something powerful hit my live mangrove crab bait & was stripping my spool. My video showed me that fight went over 11min with the unknown fish ducking into the mangroves to snap the line. Twice. Very smart i may add!

I really didn't see the fish. I surmised it could either be a massive O'io "Bonefish" or an Ulua "Giant Trevally". After all i saw 2 GT's earlier. I was also thinking A'wa "Milkfish" but those fish have a tendency to jump. This fish hugged the bottom. At times my 9'9" Guide Select Pro by Okuma looked like it was about to snap as i kept a tight drag on my Limited Edition GT Spinning Reel, also Okuma. I spooled it with 15lb Soft Steel monofilament. I used a Mustad 3/0 Ringed Hook & a Mustad Ball Bearing Swivel w/Ring.

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