Fat White Trevally Jack Got "IRONED" at 1st Light!

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Fat White Trevally Jack Got "IRONED" at 1st Light!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sat Sep 10, 2022 8:53 pm

When It Struck I though It Was Small. It Was Bigger & Thicker Than I Thought!

I had to go to the Windward side early in the morning to get a pass so i brought my jigging gear. Used my new 20g Tracershot "Black Flash" jig by Mustad. Just by looking at it i knew it was a winner for semi-dirty visibility with a reflective black top & a phosphorus silver belly.

After 5min of watching big fish feeding i hit this Jack only 15ft from me on the retrieve. At first i thought it was small as it didn't know it was hooked. Boy, was i wrong. So i played around with it so it would tire out. My "sensei" buddy Russel was over on my right as we were both hooking-up. He brought in his & came over to hand-line my White Trevally in for me.

After i threw it back a huge swirl appeared and a large GT swallowed my jig on the surface with a big splash! It swam of not knowing he was hooked until i really tighten the drag & set that hook proper. Boy, he took off with a big splash. I swear when that happen every fish within 100yds also "splashed" the surface in response. I almost got stripped but i busted my own line.

I could see Russel to my right had a big splash 20yds in front of him. but the big Jack he hooked spit the hook & took off forming a big "V" on the surface. After all that everything went quiet. Our 30min of hooking fish stopped cold. Too many signals from other predators spooked the reef. We both lost our biggest hook-ups! But we safely released our captured fish. Tide was dropping FAST from the full moon setting an hour ago. It was a good morning:)

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