The Piers of Chocolate Beach-My Testing Grounds!

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The Piers of Chocolate Beach-My Testing Grounds!

Postby Scuba Chris » Wed Aug 24, 2022 1:03 am

Locally Known as West Loch Community Shoreline Park! This Park Has a History!

I've been coming here since the 80's. It's peaceful & besides practicing my fishing skills i do catch here occasionally! Every time i receive a saltwater or freshwater piece of equipment i test it here. Now the State has re-named the park Kapapapuhi Point Park. You're allowed on land but it's illegal to set foot in the water as the military claims it (though they never clean it up after a storm or repair the pier supports that are in the water). The State gets stuck cleaning-up the Military's responsibility.

Years ago i was tipped off the the City was going to illegally knock down the piers. I contacted a good friend who works at a local news company who sent Rick Daysog of Hawai'i News Now. My multiple pre-mounted video cams scared away the construction crews as nobody wanted their faces on TV. I heard the Mayor wasn't happy as his office wasn't properly informed of all this when my friend contacted them. I gave an interview which my answers were slightly "manipulated" to appease certain groups & individuals. Which i understand to "play the game". To this day the piers still stand. ... och-piers/

On a side note this was an old canoe stop, a "bus stop" for royalty & commerce for the Hawaiians. Since then it became a Hawaiian fishing village. The supervisor there told me an old Hawaiian woman was walking through the park after closing & asked her if she needed help. She disappeared in front of him. A DLNR officer recognized me for what i did & told me he thought an old man got stuck on the mud flats because he seemed to be trying to get loose out of the mud flat he was on, but he disappeared in front of him as well. Even me, a log got jammed under the pier i was fishing on & was damaging it. The supervisor arrived with this huge young man to cut the log up with a chainsaw. But on that log a sunned bronze-skin man was standing on it wearing a long potato bag sack only. He was sad with tears in his eyes looking inshore. Then he disappeared as well in front of me. When i told the young park worker what happen he refused to cut-up that log.

I was filming so i immediately went home but nothing i saw was on that video. After more digging i found out that the graves of that Hawaiian village may not have been 100% moved to a local graveyard. Almost all the park workers there had some type of encounter working there over the years.
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