Gorilla Grip Gloves For Handling Live Fish!

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Gorilla Grip Gloves For Handling Live Fish!

Postby Scuba Chris » Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:09 pm

A Collage of my Favorite Glove Brand For Handling Live Thrashing Fish!

I've been using Gorilla Grip Gloves for everything from working outside to my SUV and when i'm handling thrashing live fish. The seams don't separate like most cheaper brands. I've been using this brand for 5yr now & i'm very satisfied with them. None of the seams have separated. So far haven't dropped a slimy fish. I'm aware of handling anything sharp from hooks to fish fins but so far i haven't been poked yet.

I tend to release the majority of my catches & using these gloves help in my C&R's by not over-excessively handling the fish. This protects excessive removal of the protective slime coat the fish needs to survive. I can now secure the thrashing fish with a very firm grip. No exposed cloth meshing that'll catch onto scales. Has a "rubberized" type of coating so it's easier to grip slippery wet items, like fish.

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