What's Better Than a Makaira 10K Spinner? A 20K Silly!

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What's Better Than a Makaira 10K Spinner? A 20K Silly!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sat Apr 16, 2022 11:16 pm

Okuma's 20000 Makaira Big Game Spinning Fishing Reel!

Last year i got my first Makaira Reel, the 10K. It's by far the strongest spinner i've ever owned. Well a few days ago i got a box from Okuma with my newest largest & strongest spinning reel i've ever owned! The Makaira 20K Spinning Reel! Larger body to a bigger spool. For my usage i prefer high cranking power with 100% waterproofing. Also a fair MSRP & a reliable reputation. I don't care about the higher weight due to the usage of forged Stainless Steel. I'm getting what i want & need without sacrificing the higher prices charged by other manufacturers.

Alan Hawk gives the Makaira his highest ratings & explains the good & bad points on his web site. Even though his report card on the Makaira fares way better than the other spinning reels he's reviewed it doesn't mean the other contenders are bad units. I have a lot of respect for Mr Hawk but i judge my reels by the attributes i'm looking for, shoreline usage mostly. Alan gives his recommendations from fishing off a boat. The 2 styles exert different stress loads on the reel. Also the species caught and the angles produced when landing them. There should be dual recommendations, one from shore & the other by boat. Especially for the highest epsilon of fishing products based upon the retail prices that companies are asking for.

In the future i hope all the industries will realize what myself & other hard core anglers recognize when truly testing a fishing reel. Recently with Covid hampering our lives we must also look at MSRP's. Shipping has already increased pricing & availability around the World on all products domestic & foreign. Suggested retail on items will affect the families of those consumers looking at their next acquisitions. Fishing companies such as the Big Three (Shimano, Daiwa & Okuma) they should be aware of the changing times. The first to follow suite will leave the other 2 behind.

Now getting back to my newest baby i'm going to spool line on this monster and already ordered a beefy rod to cast it with. For my fishing needs my choice was based off max drag & purchase cost with a good service record. So this means i sacrificed size & unit weight in exchange for what i wanted & needed. But the differences are so slight that it won't affect my game. This will be my newest & strongest plugging, trolling & surf combo yet. This reel was manufactured with the production number #46301 stamped on the bottom. This code tells me it was produced in Taiwan in 2021, 2nd week in July.

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