Okuma Baitfeeder Spinning Reels Outpowers Large Stingrays!

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Okuma Baitfeeder Spinning Reels Outpowers Large Stingrays!

Postby Scuba Chris » Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:14 am

All Rays Were Safely Landed & Released-Was Trying For Jacks Using Whole Live Crabs!

Baitfeeders are popular reels for catfishing. But i don't see many using them for shoreline saltwater fishing. But i recently found a local angler who fishes the same area in this video who also only uses Okuma baitfeeder reels, James Inkyo. To be more precise Avenger Baitfeeders. I started using the Trio Baitfeeders but now i use all Coronado Baitfeeders here.

I had to cut all the individual videos in half, or more because of the long drawn-out fights when making this combined video. I must say every hit on a baitfeeder held because i gave the fish at least 6-8sec to run with the live crab bait because the baitfeeder switch was set to be loose to allow a better hook-up. If i wait too long the fish could swallow the bait but over the years i hooked every Ray & Fish in the mouth. Seems 6-8sec is a good time frame to use.

Since i made these video segments using the BF-65 with the max drag of 22lbs i've been using the newer Coronado Baitfeeders. They're rated between 27-38lbs max drag. Almost doubled. The smaller Avenger Baitfeeders range from 6-26lbs. The new Rockaway 8000 Baitfeeder coming out will have a max of 35lbs. If you fish fresh or saltwater using live or dead baits you may want to try a baitfeeder for better hook-ups:)

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