Breakaway Canon Casting Aid For Distance!

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Breakaway Canon Casting Aid For Distance!

Postby Scuba Chris » Tue Oct 26, 2021 1:14 pm

Side Mounting a Breakaway Canon Gives Extra Casting Distance!

For years i've been incorporating my usage of the Breakaway Canon for casting baits & lures using braid. This product was developed for casting braid using spinners so the caster won't suffer from braid curs. A good friend Mark Gonsalves showed me how to modify the installation of the Canon so when you're casting your finger release is much more "fluid".

In this presentation i'll be using a 1pc 7'6" Okuma PCH XH rod with a Cedros 14000 spinner also by Okuma. The Cedros has been spooled with 65lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. Recently many local anglers have been asking me how i can cast braid using 6-9oz of lead without suffering from braid cuts.

I've been using Breakaway Canons for years in cameo spots on my vids but never a truly dedicated "How To", until now. I left the mounting of the Canon open as everyone has their own style. I prefer using electrical tape above all recommended mounting materials.

For the past few years i've stopped using the Canon. I always knew how to cast braid with heavy weights but continued to use these products as a learning tool to teach others. But now i think i need to be seen using them again just so the new anglers can learn as well.
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