Cove Life Relies on Baitfish!

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Cove Life Relies on Baitfish!

Postby Scuba Chris » Wed Oct 06, 2021 12:27 am

Absence of Baitfish Means The Cove is Dying!

I've been fishing here for years trying out new equipment. This past year there's an absence of fish. I used to throw back Jacks to Bonefish. Not even the bait stealing Burrfish are absent. A few months ago i met a marine biologist who wanted to talk with me. He said their Dept started placing bags of activated charcoal in this cove & a few others in an attempt to lower pollutant levels.

I told him those bags changed the water. I suggested checking the dissolved O2 levels as hardly any sizeable fish are remaining. Once you cut off the food source, the predators go elsewhere. I showed him years of pics and vids of this place on my phone. After viewing this he said nothing and left. I went whipping on the last day of Sept to test out a UL rig. Not even troublesome cudas were around.

At the end of the day i throw in my squid bait. Normally the blue pincher crabs make short work of it. Not a single one. It really looks like a desert now thanks to these researchers. I did see a few mullets jumping. UW vids shows higher siltation than normal. Even Acorn Worms, the sign of low O2 and pollutants were gone. They're all over in Pearl Harbor & were here for years but they disappear in this cove this year as well.
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