Hooker Stick Bait Lure!

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Hooker Stick Bait Lure!

Postby Scuba Chris » Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:38 pm

A NEW Stick Bait Release From FishLab!

Recently FishLab sent me some jigs & lures to field test. I decided to use my 8'3" MH Hawaiian Custom Popping Rod that was designed by Brian Kimata of Brian's Fishing Supply for Okuma. This was a good match. These lures are 4-1/4in & are 2-1/3oz. It's a slow sinking lure that uses 2 single 4/0 Owner Hooks. The next size up is 6-1/4in & weighs 3-1/2oz with Owner ST 2/0 Treble Hooks. After a few hours i've experienced 1 short hit & a few fish following the lure back in.

I found the size to be easy to cast & the weight manageable. What i found to be a detriment was the freakish current. So after a few hours i went back to the car & it was covered in salt spray from the surf and winds. So i decided to hit the other side of the peninsula. Fish were following the lure but no takers. So after hitting the Texaco Car Wash i came home for lunch & started servicing my reels.

I used the Hawaiian Custom 8'3" MH Popping Rod. It was a good match-up. I think these lures will be good for trolling the drops. But for now i'll be shore casting them.

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