Catch & Store Your Live Bait While Fishing!

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Catch & Store Your Live Bait While Fishing!

Postby Scuba Chris » Thu Jul 15, 2021 12:26 pm

How I Catch Live Bait On Site & Keep Them Alive!

I recently tried fishing using live bait with success. So i decided to purchase new gear from Walmart to replace my much older equipment & to show what i use & how to properly modify & employ it. This system is how i fish the shorelines in Hawaii. You might have to modify it for different fish species. Understanding what your targeted species feed upon is your key to success.

For a "bait sock" i use stretchable tubing. Big Vic's Bait Bags are made to order. And if some of your bait dies just use the netting as a bait bag & toss it out. Works better then a panty hose!

Luckily most aggressive local species love anything small & thrashing. The vibrations produced by the live bait will attract hungry predators. Sometimes the scent of dead bait may not be enough to entice a strike. Now if you're really gung-ho you can also chum your area. Both the vibrations & scent of food together is hard to ignore!
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