How I Pre Rig My Whipping Rigs Ahead of Time!

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How I Pre Rig My Whipping Rigs Ahead of Time!

Postby Scuba Chris » Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:08 pm

Why Take Your Equipment to The Beach Only to Take +30min Just to Rig Your 1st Line?

The day before i hit the beach i inspect my fishing wagon to make sure that i have the proper equipment for the area that i have in mind. I make my lunch, crack ice to selecting baits. I set my alarm clock & my cell phone in case i sleep through it. Because i produce videos my work load is tripled. I re-charge all main & back-up batteries. I re-educate myself on equipment stats to studying tide charts, weather reports to DLNR rules.

I also re-fuel the car & make sure i have enough "disposables" such as casting weights to hooks. Tomorrow i'm going to the other side of the island as the South coast is kicking-up. I leave my wallet but i take my drivers license to debit card w/a little cash. But i do bring a few extra rigs in case my intended area is pre-occupied. With July the 4th weekend coming up tomorrow will be my only day out this week.

For regular anglers this is normal. I prepared this for the beginners. My friend that owns a great tackle shop on Maui has told me videos like this helps out new customers in selecting new gear. Awesome:)
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