How I Modified Tough Bubble Floats Into Jingling Rattlers!

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How I Modified Tough Bubble Floats Into Jingling Rattlers!

Postby Scuba Chris » Fri Mar 26, 2021 4:18 pm

How to Modify Bubble Floats Into Jingling Rattlers to Attract Fish!

I decided to make this video to share one of my ideas of whipping the shallows without getting hung-up on the reef. I've modified the use of surface bubbles to include BB's for weight to cast instead of water & to make "rattling" sounds to entice the fish to attack. This will only work correctly if you use the thicker TOUGH BUBBLES & you must seal the ends with glue/sealant to prevent water from entering the bubble once you establish the weight needed. Lighter set-ups you can use 3/4, 1, or 1-1/4oz of BB's. Remember 21 BB's equals 1/4oz of weight. Part of fishing is adapting your equipment to reflect your technique & style of fishing to help you adapt to the areas you fish & the species you target. For me i found for shallow areas the 1-1/2oz works perfectly for the rod & reel i've chosen for that day.

If i need extra casting distance for deeper waters i'll switch to the 1-3/4oz weight. For lighter rigs i'll drop the weight accordingly. Why the TOUGH bubbles? The original thinner bubbles can crack/fracture when it hits the water. Never had the tough bubbles get damaged on me yet. Also has withstood barracuda strikes without cracking. What i'm showing works for my style of fishing in the areas i frequent. It may be different for you depending if you fish fresh water (less buoyant than salt water) or the species you're targeting aren't surface feeders. Just adapt the techniques i use to match your style of angling. Nothing is written in stone when it comes to fishing!
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