Is it Magic? My 9'9" NEW Hybrid Rod is Shorter Then my 9'9" GSP Rod!? How? https://yo

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Is it Magic? My 9'9" NEW Hybrid Rod is Shorter Then my 9'9" GSP Rod!? How? https://yo

Postby Scuba Chris » Fri Mar 31, 2023 1:02 am

ImageI'll Explain WHY The New Mustad G-Series Hybrid 9'9" Rod Travels at a Shorter Length Then my Okuma Guide Select Pro "GSP" 9'9" Rod?

The answer is simple but it's a first for me as well. When i first received these new rods from Mustad Rodworks I had to learn the whole 18 rod series literally overnight. Of them all what i read about these "Hybrids" was intriguing. I've had telescopic rods before but nothing like the uniqueness of the thicker section being partial telescopic to reduce it's length to match the size of the shorter thinner top section. This was a definite first for me!

And it's being condensed in the longer thicker base section. This looks promising. The feel & look of this rod tells me that this is going to work. I love the feel of my SST type of rods as i have 4 pieces at that length in varying strengths. So i paired it with an Olympus Accord 40S from Italy. Mr Silvio Fattori & Ivan Castellari are kindly equipping me with Olympus srl fishing gear. My intention is using this rod with an 4000 sized spinner spooled w/10lb Eminent Braid for shoreline spin casting.

I hope this video has explained why this new Mustad rod has the distinction of being referred as a "Hybrid". All models are slowly being released into the American market this year.
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