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Coat That Cork Handle! What's Better? Cork or EVA? Why?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2023 4:09 pm
by Scuba Chris
I'll Be Using a Nail Polish w/Hardener Over Varathane To Coat The Cork. I'll Explain Why.

For coating multiple cork based rods it's way cheaper to use varathane. The hardener in nail polish has a chemical reaction to the Keratin in fingernails that causes it to harden. But it also seems to work extremely well coating my cork handles. For only a few rods it's advisable to use a clear nail polish w/a hardener base added in. For multiple rods just purchase a quart of varathane.

Instead of writing a long report on this please just watch the video. I've been doing this as long as i can remember from a young age. And i've seen my friend's $300 G. Loomis rod get destroyed overnight on it's first outing because my friend wasn't aware of this. I'll explain why you should coat your cork & some history of cork vs EVA foam grips to help you understand why this system works. Ask fly fishermen with expensive rods if they coat their cork handles.