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Shore Jigging! No Hits, Just Sand Turtles!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2022 1:25 pm
by Scuba Chris
1st BRIGHT Day on Sand & Water Really Screwed-up my GoPro Settings!

I had an appointment nearby so i brought my shore jigging rig to the Windward side before sunrise. All week we had Southerly winds & this place was flat. Figures i'd go here today when the trade winds returned. The shoreline had Portuguese Man O’War all over so i tried to stayed above the high tide mark. Those stings HURT.

No bites this morning throwing Tracershot Jigs by Mustad. I saw only 1 other shoreline angler. Of course no swimmers. Used my Okuma Guide Select Pro Rod & my Limited Edition GT Reel spooled with 10lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel.

Until today i had no idea that Sand Turtles fed on Man O'Wars. Big Sand Turtles/Fleas were all over feeding. So i decided to shoot a quick vid showing how to spot & grab a bunch when needed for bait. It's faster using a small meshed net instead of your hands by the way. Great bait for Bonefish to Jacks.