Epixor Rod & Reel by Okuma For Freshwater & Inshore Casting!

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Epixor Rod & Reel by Okuma For Freshwater & Inshore Casting!

Postby Scuba Chris » Thu May 26, 2022 12:36 pm

Okuma's Epixor Rods Are All 1pc Ranging from 7ft to 7-1/2ft. Complimented by The Epixor XT30 Spinning Reel.

I don't own to many 1pc rods but the few i have all respond well & are sensitive to the slightest nibble. The reason 1pc rods are hard to come by is the shipping due to its length. For years i've taken this rig out roughly in May every year. I target certain species "halalu" during this time period & this rig was put together only for this species to target young Scad. I filled 1/4 of my bucket 2-days ago but it rained afterwards so i had time to make this video today.

I learned on my own where to find this species and how to catch them. I was giving away bags today as the rains have stopped, for now. Notice the cork fore & rear grips have been epoxy coated. I want this rig to last as long as possible. Been roughly 4yr since i've had this rig. For a small 30 sized reel it holds a lot of 4lb mono & the max drag is 17.6lb (much higher then most economical spinners at this size).

I needed a reel that can bring in Jacks & Leatherbacks as well as they prey upon my targeted species. Most economical 30 sized spinners have a drag rating ranging from 6-13lb. This inexpensive reel was like custom made for what i'm targeting. Bought it a year before getting this rod. In a few weeks ill service the spinner & will put it back into storage for next year.

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