Preparing Ulua & Sliding GT Rods! Installing Casting Triggers!

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Preparing Ulua & Sliding GT Rods! Installing Casting Triggers!

Postby Scuba Chris » Tue Aug 03, 2021 10:24 am

Spending The Day Putting Together 2 Ulua GT Rods & Installing Casting Triggers to Spooling Line!

These are things that i do almost everyday from spooling line to researching gear & assembling rigs. The black rod is this years release of the 3rd Generation of Okuma's HCS GT Ulua Rods. The handle configuration has been slightly changed. Now there's a SS bell holder instead of brass. It's also called an Ulua Slide Rod rather than The HCS Ulua Rod. I do like the black color, very slick looking.

I already have the 1st & 2nd Gens. I have no reel on the 1st Gen. The 2nd Gens have a Cortez CZ-55Wa Reel on one and the other a Solterra SLX-15CS. I use the Cortez for drifting but i love that Solterra for shore casting. Super easy to cast. Has 2 thrust bearings that makes it casts extremely well. I just received another Solterra SLX-15CS from Davey Brown of Okuma to use. It was a floor model for the Fred Hall Shows but a few reels were sent to me as they didn't have any boxes or mounting hardware. I just got the hardware so decided to rig these rods.

I still had 2 Casting Triggers #100 models from John Truong of Boiling Tuna so decided to use them today. Casting Triggers do work! It creates a fulcrum point to balance weight & strength to cast farther. These triggers combined with the easy castability of the Solterras has gotten me excited! I'm using the Casting Trigger on my Alijos Reel & the distance i'm achieving is unreal.

My other project is to complete my renovation of my 2 Tesoro12's with the right mounting hardware to attach Triggers on these as well. Also was thinking of changing the line configuration on both units. And i have some jigs and surface lures to figure out the proper rigs to use them on for next week.

I would like to thank John Truong of Boiling Tuna for letting me field test his triggers.
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