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Mustad Jig Assist Hooks For Buoy Jigging!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2022 1:19 pm
by Scuba Chris
Getting Some Fast Dropping Jigs Ready For Jigging at The Buoys!

I like the shape of the Moon Riser by Mustad for those fast drops! The faster you get that jig down it'll increase your chance of bringing home dinner for your wife/girlfriend to clean (yeah, right). The FADs "Fish Aggregation Devices" that i jig offshore has some HUGE Oceanic Triggerfish on them besides Shibi (young Yellowfin Tuna).

Theses Triggers are highly underrated as a food fish because most don't know how to prepare them properly. The skin is like leather. I start at the butt hole with kitchen shears to cut all the way around the edges of my desired fillet. The actual filet is incredible! Raw or cooked. The way i arrange my assist hooks will either hook these Oceanic Triggers or a Tuna. Even a Mahi will snag it!

Sometimes on the fall fish will grab the jig, most times they'll strike on the pull. Having both ends with hooks will increase your chances of hooking up:)