Title/Location 2 days on a lake.............Nice topwater bite.
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Posted By fishfetchr
Date Posted 2009-06-12 08:50:22

Fogged with my saltwater intentions the last 2 days, so I figured I'd head up to Westchester for a lil bassin.

Wed. I got out with my buddy Bryan and we had nice windless / overcast conditions nd good fishing.
We totalled 26 bass (about 75% smallies) and 7 pickerel. Caught my largest pic at 5lbs2oz. and had another just under 4. Most bass were decent but no monsters. Biggest was a largie at 3.13
I used a topwtaer pluf most of the day, and bryan used the almighty senko. Others were caught oin spinnerbaits, tubes and other t rigged plastics.

Yesterday I got out solo for about 6 hours and had a slow morning , but found a good bite later on , again mostly on topwater and totalled 11 smallies and 9 largies. Again no big sizes, but plenty of scrappy 2-3 lb stuff. Most fish both days were caught in 5-13 ft of H2O.

Thanks For Lookin!

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3.13 LMB

5.2 pickerel

Need to get a camera tripod!!

Re: 2 days on a lake.............Nice topwater bite.

Postby morning dew » Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:23 pm

That is the fatest pickeral I've ever seen. I've caught more pickereal this spring then my last 5 combined. In fact I ran down for about an hour tonight with my daughter and cast a spook from shore for 3lb bass and..... a nice long pickerel. You should have seen that pickerel jump -would of put a tarpon to shame!
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Re: 2 days on a lake.............Nice topwater bite.

Postby Jfish » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:45 am

Nice Catch and beautiful Pickeral. Great fun on topwaters :D . Not asking for specifics but which reservior are you catching those sized pickeral from. I have boats on a few of the reserviors but none of them produce any numbers of pickeral that size.
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