Title/Location "Reelaxin" report 7-11
Region Mid Atlantic States - North Carolina
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By stevethepirate
Date Posted 2009-07-11 21:32:05

Well after a few hours yesterday trying to decide weather or not to make the run out, we made the call to do it. Smart move! Reefcast was calling for the water to lay down through out the day so we left a little later(6 am) 1 hour past low tide and we had 110 gallons of gas and ready to roll! We were fishing with M.D Coleman and Dave Blackmen. The inlet wasnt bad for low tide, i saw 6 ft was the lowest it got. After a bumpy and wet ride, we slowed down close to the spot, about 5 miles off just checking the area. we find some nice bottom, and we had little seabass all throw backs, and than a nice 14" seabass. Well we decided to hit that spot back up in the fall! so im pulling the anchor ball up, and i had the clip for the ball and the ring in one hand, and im going to get up, and BLOOP! AHHHH! there goes that ring! (for the anchorball) What ever, we still have the anchor. So we move out a little further to the "Yankee Joe Reef" were catching some nice fat grunts, triggers, and jolt heads. My dad sends down a grouper rig. GOTCHA!!! Ohhh, hes close, real close! 22 1/2" throw back. Wait a little, and i decide that i got nothin to lose, so i send down a grouper rig. Sitting on the bottom for a little, and my reel goes ZZZZZ. (i was using a penn 310 gti) i start crankin him in! Another close gag. 26"!!!! First grouper in the box. We had the light line out and caught 3 mahi. There were a bunch of them hanging around the boat, but we couldnt get them to eat anything. we loaded up on the regular bottom fish. another great day on the water. Cant wait till next time!!!!!


Postby stevethepirate » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:58 am

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Postby kennedy » Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:36 pm

Nice job Steve...
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