Title/Location NJ Charter 06/15
Region New Jersey - Raritan Bay
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By bigguy
Date Posted 2009-06-19 16:40:23

Went out Monday (6/15) on a charter with the "Fins on Feathers" out of Leonardo. Lots of fluke but no keepers, switched to seabass caught alot of shorts but ended up with about 20 keepers for the day. The Capt. advised against going for stripers and from the reports that I read here and elsewhere it sounds like we did the right thing. Good Captain, comfortable boat and a hard working mate. We've gone with them before but they can't all be bail jobs that is why the call it fishing. I think that we had the best weather day this week, I feel like I'm starting to rust. Sorry about the late post it's been a rough week


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