Title/Location Beach Haven 6/12-6/15 Big shark & small black bass
Region New Jersey - Barnegat Inlet
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By Carl Sheppard
Date Posted 2009-06-16 14:23:07

Log 6/12 - 6/14 Shark & Bass LBI

6/12 AM off Beach Haven Capts. Carl and Tom went wreck fishing with their party of 2. Caught 49 sea bass and our first sea robins of the year in two hours. No dog fish, spotted or otherwise. 12 Keepers, all blue head males 2.5-3.5 lbs

6/12 PM Capts. John & Tom went out at 8 pm for night wreck fishing with a party of 9. Beautiful calm night. Black bass again cooperated. Tonight they liked squid. Everyone caught lots of fish. Again humped blue back bass predominated.

6/13 Shark fishing. Capts. John and Tom ran out to 140 ft hole. Fished from 8-1 using 50 TW's. First shark hit soon after set-up 200 lb plus blue. This was followed with a number of smaller blue shark. Then the 300-400 lb Mako hit . For the scientific community this was a Isurus oxyrinchus (sharp nose) shark , With the boat running at 8 knots it pulled away from us. After a lengthy battle, the hook pulled. Ah well, that is fishing.

6/14 AM Back on the wrecks with Capts. Carl and Tom 2 with Mate JD. This time we fished the reef in 60 foot of water. The Hopkins family were hot with the black bass, porgies (which we cannot keep) and sea robins despite the NE wind. We only had one smooth doggie all morning.

6/14 PM saw Captain Tom and Mate JD fishing in the bay with a six children and their dads.

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