Title/Location Ocean Explorer, Belmar NJ
Region New Jersey - Barnegat Inlet
Fishing Method Inshore
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Date Posted 2012-02-19 23:10:16


2-19-12 Weatherman scared most people away today and he could not have been more wrong. Small chop on the ride out this morning but other than that the wind dropped out and it just got nicer and nicer as the day went on.

The ling grounds were not as productive as we have been seeing. Just a slow pick at em most places we stopped. Some of the guys had a dozen to fifteen dingers in the end but the counts were on the low side as a whole. But on the other end of the catch were some beautiful Togs.

Blackfish Bobby and his crew put the smack down on some large ones. Some others as well as you can see in the pictures. Quality fish,7,8,10lbs.for the guys had who fished the white legged crabs.

We had some scattered through the day but at the end of the day on the way home we hit a small spot the had the net going pretty steady. Really good chew with some impressive catches landed. End of Febuary???Gotta love it. See ya tomorrow.

2-18-12 Wow,what a day. We had the crowd,we had the weather,and we had good fishing. Rare to get all three at one time. From the time we started today we had the ling flying over the rail.

Stayed decent all day long,we just kept picking at em all around the boat with the high hooks having up to thirty dingers,and down from there.

We never had any Cod today that I saw,and only a few Togs,but Foul Hook Tony got the one nice Tog to chew a took home a very large pool worth 660 Bucks!!!!Very good day to have this many people bangin away at the fish all day. See ya tomorrow.

2-16-12 Another solid day of bottom fishing and flat calm seas again. All day we banged away at the ling. Some of the guys put some real good numbers in there cooler and the fish were larger than yesterday on average.

Even the first timers were catching some nice fish for dinner. Most of the guys today were ling fishing,did not see many blackfish,only a few keepers.

No Cod that I saw either,but Ling were the thing today!!!Tomorrow looks like another pretty day with warm temps and winds 10-15 out of the Nw.See ya in the morning.

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