Title/Location Ocean Explorer, Belmar NJ
Region New Jersey - Barnegat Inlet
Fishing Method Inshore
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Date Posted 2011-10-27 23:46:36


Good fishing again today.Pretty close to yesterday with high hooks having again 25-30 Ling.Most had a good bucket full of 15-20,some a few less.

Along with that we had some Cod mixed in as well.High hook had two keeper Cod along with the Ling.It was pretty windy today but the ocean never got rough.

Sat nice on the anchor all day despite pretty windy conditions,and the current was light again.All around a good day out,tomorrow we will be back at it again.Come out and take advantage of some good fishing.


We had another real pretty day on the water.Flat calm and beautiful.Light current made fishing the deeper water nice.

The ling were in the mood again and we put together a good catch of them with high hook having over 30.

Others had fifteen to twenty ling,some 8-10,but it seemed most had a good bucket full.Along with those nice ling we had some decent Codfish coming over the rail also.

Some of em 8-10 lbs.Check out some pics.We will be back at it again tomorrow.See ya then.


Weather was gorgeous today.Flat calm and sunny.Fish were on the feed also.We had a good day fishing out in the Mudhole with Ling making up most of the catch.

Mixed in we had some Codfish,Striped bass,flounder,lobster,banana cod,all kinds of life,even had a whiting.

Good fishing with high hook having 30 ling,some had as many as 25,some 15etc....Tomorrow looks just as good and we will be back fishing in the Mudhole.Pics...

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