Title/Location Final day of Fluking in Jamaica Bay
Region New York - NY Bight
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By ELIASV
Date Posted 2009-06-16 18:29:08

Got out with Mojoe yesterday and Louie. I had a pretty good plan of what I wanted to do. Drift over structure and then end at another piece of structure! Maybe hope for some by catch Sea Bass too.

I was the GULP! fisherman again, Bucktail 1.5 oz, and a teaser of Gulp on the egg beater, and a 3oz rock + a Gulp Shrimp on the baitcaster.

First drift in, my egg beater (spinner) gets wailed and I pump (beat) up a 24.5" fish out of the water. We set up a second drift a little further as the tide gets too fast to do the damage in that same spot again and Louie gets a 25" Fluke in our new area. We are doing the damage now. Lots of shorts and birds for us in the mix and of course Blues working hard in the distance all over during this time as well.

The East wind comes in at like 10 am and f*cks everything up. Wind against tide now and basically doing nada. We had back in to a more quiet area and I suggest to do some drifts in the creek. Jamaica Bay skinny is loaded with junk in the water, I tell Joe to take a crank up or he will get hung up. Long story short, hes hung up and two seconds later I flip a 22" fish.

Can't complain, I think I might get out tomorrow, today was busy busy and the weather seemed nice.

Report Photos

24.5, 5.8 lbs (Thanks for the weight Frank)


Re: Final day of Fluking in Jamaica Bay

Postby robert » Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:45 pm

Just a note "we appreciated your reports and picture`s" :D
Keep it up! Also good to see family enjoying them self THks
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