Title/Location OSPREY IV- PJ Mixed Bag
Region New York - North Shore
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By clamso
Date Posted 2009-06-16 10:14:17

Yesterday being the last day of fluke season part 1, I went out on the Osprey day trip with Captain Amanda, Dominic and John. Well I guess the fluke didn’t get the memo because despite all efforts by the crew they just were not biting. So we switched to porgies and limited out in short time.
Looking back the fluke fishing so far this year has been excellent. Lots of big fish and many limits filled. One can only hope that part 2 of the season will be as good.
In the mean time the porgy bite is red hot with tons of Jumbos to 2 1/2 + lbs. If yesterday is any indication, the striped bass fishing should be very good as well. We had 6 or so shorts to 27 ½ inches on porgy rigs in about an hour, caught in places where you would not expect to find bass.
The next few weeks should be very productive for Porgies, bass and blues. I would imagine that on most days that the boat would limit out on porgies quickly and switch to specifically target bass. With the proper rigs and locations the results should be exceptional based on the bass results so.
In spite of the government best efforts, the fish seem to be cooperating and we’ll all be grilling porgy and bass dinners. But you got to be in it to win it, so come on down to the Osprey, you won’t be disappointed.
As always thanks to the crew for their hard work, skill and humor in making it another great day on the Sound.
Regards to all,

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