Title/Location Jamaica Bay Kayak
Region New York - NY Bight
Fishing Method Kayak
Posted By ELIASV
Date Posted 2009-06-11 23:36:24

Was antsy at home so I got out for a few hours (3) and found Bunker immediately. Snagged one and livelined him down on a 3 X 3 rig. Pretty slow actually. I was expecting a run immediately but took sometime get hit. Was a Bluefish chopping him.

Ugh. That was the story. Finally I get a a small keeper on a liveline, 30" on the nose.

Pretty slow out there. Bunker was around but they weren't getting hit really. All the rain may have slowed things down a bit. There is still Bass in the bay though and they should stick around until the first week of July. Timing is most important right now I guess.

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