Title/Location SFLI Fishing Class Field Trip
Region New York - North Fork
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By Schoolman
Date Posted 2009-06-09 11:32:37


Another adventure with Capt. Bob Rocchetta on Rainbow Charters yesterday.

A late afternoon trip found us plying the Connecticut tributaries searching for live bait to use for the BIG MOMA Bass. Unfortunately, our attempts to capture bass candy failed despite our extensive canvassing of the hideouts where they are known to reside. It wasn’t gonna happen this Monday evening. However, one must credit Bob for his willingness to burn the extra fuel and put forth the extra yards of effort to make our trip a most successful one. I feel certain that there will be some next times when those BIG GIRLS will be thumping onto the deck of the Rainbow as a result of the Capt. Rocchetta’s relentless pursuits.

Despite the bait shortcomings, we did have a very successful evening overall, especially considering that the bite at The Race did not commence until just before sunset. We managed keeper 9 bass to 25 lbs. in 2 ½ hrs. while drifting bucks and eels. Once the flood tide began to pump at a good clip, Bob Walther (SFLI ’99 class), Ed Mendler (SFLI ’09 class), George Kidby (Hampton Bays Library Honorary Angler), and Arnie Vincent (SFLI ’07 class), and I regularly hooked up to bass after bass (shorts included). George Kidby managed the first 5 bass of his fishing career, which from my eyes was a pleasure to behold. Our deckhand Kevin was Johnny on the Spot throughout the night which made the fishing excursion problem free and very enjoyable. I think Politeness is Kevin’s middle name.

Thank you Kevin and Bob for a most pleasurable evening.

I'd love to post pics but for some strange digital reason, uploading them has become impossible despite numerous efforts to do so.

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