Title/Location osprey IV
Region New York - North Shore
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By Capt Amanda
Date Posted 2009-06-03 15:11:12

Today we sailed with a light deck of only 6 people. We caught our 12 keepers and went home early. Everyone left with a nice bag of fluke meat :).

So far this year of Fluke on the North Shore had been one of the best in a few years. No one had such high expections and would have believed with a 21 inch size limmit that it would be so good. We are seeing limits all around the boat with fish up to 9.25lbs (our record fish so far)

Striaght bait as well as bucktails have been producing and an equal rate. On the slower drift pink,blue and green bucktails seem to do the trick and on a faster drift the long leader spinner rigs are producing.

The fish are spiiting up shrimp and sand eels this year.

Hopefully this fantastic run of big fish keeps up.



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