Title/Location LuHi Fishing Camp & Bonus Kid Trip 6/27-7/1
Region New York - NY Bight
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By crabcake
Date Posted 2017-07-02 10:21:42

Tuesday 6/27- Bay Princess at Captree. Brown tide is taking its toll, even on the best tide. Kids plucked only 47 fish for the trip, only one 20" keeper for the entire trip.

Wednesday 6/28- Lake Trip. Kids who knew how to fish had up to 7 or 8 sunnies, did a lot of teaching to the newbies who caught on quickly and managed a few each before we packed up for the day.

Thursday 6/29- Orient Star trip was a smashing success. Filled a some bushel baskets with medium to large seabass with a sprinkling of scup thrown in for good measure.

Friday 6/30- Captain Pete in Freeport. Very good action, mostly short fluke and a bunch of sea robins. Had a half dozen keepers on this trip, with a #4.9 and #5.8 putting big smiles on the faces of the kids who caught them.

Saturday 7/1- Took my daughter on the special 2 hour kid's trip aboard the Osprey. Fishing was excellent. Paige kept 14 porgies, released a bunch of sea robins, and she would have caught more if she didn't take 3 breaks to read to Goose the dog.

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Happy Boy

Sunny Days

More Nepotism

Happy Kids

Yup, no fluke in the Bay!

Another Jumbo Fluke that no longer exist in the bay.

More Nepotism!

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