Title/Location OSPREY V
Region New York - North Shore
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By captainjp
Date Posted 2012-06-15 22:34:18

Well, the east wind that was predicted for this afternoon came in the morning, not the best fluking conditions but we were able to scratch out a decent day, ended up getting about as many keepers as fares on the boat but of course that means that some people had a good day and some people didn't keep any fluke unfortunately.

Some angler highlights include Joe Spro with 3 Keeper fluke, a few big porgies and a bluefish, Bob Goatee with the three keepers as well, a few scup and the rare scup bluefish double header. Emily won the pool with a fish of 5lbs.

Tonights porgy trip ended up good but made a lot of drops till we found the ones that would stay under us and keep biting. Fish seemed very skitish tonite, would anchor on them, get a couple and then gone. Had to put in some overtime but ended up doing well, many limits and plenty of fish for all. Finally got to keep a couple of sea bass instead of throwing them back which was nice.

Pool fish was 8lb striped bass with the usual suspects getting their limits.

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Porgies every night at 4:45 till dark

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