Region New York - North Shore
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By captainjp
Date Posted 2012-05-21 19:59:36

Saturday night the porgy fishing was again excellent with the boat limiting out, with the pool fish over 3lbs.

Sunday the full day fluke boat also did well with about 40 keepers hitting the deck with the pool fish just over 6lbs and hIgh hooks with 3 keepers.

Sunday night captain Amanda ran the night trip so I could head up to massachussetts and of course she had to show me up. The last few trips it's been a sunset bite but not for her with the boat limited out and on it's way home by 7.

Day one in mass: good groundfishing on the black rose with pollock being the most cooperative and captain rich putting in a herculean effort to put us on the fish. tomorrow flounder in Quincy on the little sister and then back to work. and 631-331-4153 for reservations and information.

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