Title/Location Dave Duffy Charter 2012
Region New York - Montauk Point
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By Capt.Carl
Date Posted 2012-05-21 13:44:58

We started off on Thursday morning with beautiful sunny weather and we were all looking forward to a great weekend. However the weather man changed his mind and gave us the opposite with east winds to 20knots and an overcast gray sky. So day one was our best day with doable conditions and the fish God helped make fishing doable with loads of Tilefish, Hake, Northern Grouper and Barrel Fish. From 7am till 7pm rods were bending on every drop. Some guys even stopped fishing as early as 5pm because their coolers were full for example Noel who had 11 tiles up to 24lbs, 4 Northern Grouper to 20lbs and a bunch of Hake mixed in. By 8pm the weather was getting worse and calling for 20 to 25 knots out of the northeast for the following 36 hours so we decided to try inshore where the seas were smaller. We tried fluke fishing but there wasn't much going on. We then tried some Cod fishing but dogs, dogs dogs... Then we tried Martha's Vineyard for Porgies but no good so we call it a trip and headed for home. The first day in the deep was all out fantastic. We ended the trip with over 180 Tiles to 28lbs, 60 to 70 Northern Grouper, 150 Hake, 3 Fluke between 8 to 9.7lbs, 30 Rosies, 10 Pollack and three released porbeagles. The trips Tile pool was won by Eric Anderson of Greenwich CT with a 28lb Tile, the Fluke pool was taken by David Hoaig of Clarksburger MA with a 9.8lb er and the largest edible pool for a 20.4 Barrel Fish was won by John Cheung. A huge thanks to Dave Duffy for putting a great group of guys together and a big thanks to everyone on board, we appreciated working with such professionals. Steven Sr, Steven Jr, Bobby and Kobi look forward to seeing you all next year.

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