Title/Location KING COD...Moriches Flatfish Heaven!!!
Region New York - South Shore East of Fire Island
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By captjoekingcod
Date Posted 2012-05-20 17:46:27

Great day of Flatfishing on Moriches Bay today! Started out the day with an easy limit of Flounder, tossing back a bunch more. All the Flounder were of the nice fat variety....
Once we lost the tide, we switched gears to Fluke fishing....Picked away, with six or seven keepers, and a few shorts. Big fluke of the day measured out at 24", and was in the 5lb+ range. I think the Fluke fishing would have been great, if the East wind didn't come up at 25kts...
All in all a very fine day, with plenty of tasy flatfish fillets to go around!
We will be sailing "Open Boat" for Fluke every evening this week at 4:30PM...good tides.
We're also available for Flounder charters any morning this week...also good tides!


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