Region New York - Montauk Point
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By Capt.Carl
Date Posted 2012-05-14 11:07:49

Monday May 14
36 Hour Tile/Fluke Special

Capt. Steven Sr returned Mother's Day morning from yet another spectacular offshore adventure! We took a long steam out to the grounds and began fishing Saturday morning and the fish were there waiting for us! We saw great action, however, the conditions made it tough creating a lot of terrible tangles. We caught a couple of nice fluke, Tiles, hake, cusk, cod, and pollack, but again, the conditions were a bit tough and tangles were bad, so Capt. Steven made a move to find better conditions.
That he did! Straight lines, no tangles, and Tiles, Tiles, Tiles! Tilefishing was excellent, with most fish in the small to medium class with a couple biggers mixed in. As the day progressed, the Tiles got bigger and bigger with more of a medium to large size mix with some extra larges! Of course, we also had some giant hake mixed in, as well as a few Rosies. We also had a small porbeagle shark come up, but he was released, and so were some giant barndoor skates. Towards the afternoon, we had a great mess of fish onboard, but Capt Steven wasnt done yet. We sneaked off to a special spot and tried for the exotic Northern Groupers and on the first drift, we caught one. Then, on the next drift, they awoke and started coming heavy, with guys hoooking up then getting pinned to the rail! We saw a lot of the rare and elusive Northern Groupers coming up, and, if it wasnt one of them, it was a large Tile! We got a couple of excellent drifts in to really top off everyones coolers and called it a day. The Fluke fishing didnt work out for us this trip too well because in the area we fished for them, the conditions were tough, but with over 150 Tilefish, over 60 Northern Groupers, and the usual mixed mess of Hake, Cusk, Cod and Pollack, the trip was an absolute success!
Some notable catches go to Umar Butt who had 7 Tiles, 4 Northern Groupers, and a mess of hake and Cusk... as well as Montauk local Joe Bloecker who had 8 Tilefish and 5 NGs. Don Adams came with his crew from Cromwell, CT and the 4 of them ended up with 22 Golden Tiles, 1 15 pound Grey Tile, 8 Northern Groupers, and a dozen Hake. Don took the Tilefish pool with his 34 pounder! Efren Bautista of Woodside, NY was the lucky winner of the Fluke pool with his 6.5 pounder. The largest edible pool went to Paul Kerisli with a WHOPPING 34 POUND NORTHEN GROUPER! Paul and Steve tallied up for 16 Tilefish, 6 NGs, and 6 Hake. Capt. Steven Sr, Capt. Carl, Deck Master Bobby, and Galley Chef Suzann want to thank everyone for a great trip and hope everyone shared their fish with mom for Mothers Day!

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