Title/Location Captree Princess - Mother's Rule on the reef!
Region New York - South Shore East of Fire Island
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By ekihss
Date Posted 2012-05-13 21:10:35

Some mothers love to fish. Others go reluctantly. A mother fishing near me caught 3 fat flounders, while her husband had none. We congratulated her and wished her a happy Mother's day. Her husband said "You're cooking them!" Another mother confided in me that she wanted to go out to dinner, but her husband said "We're going fishing". When I asked about Father's day, she said he was taking them fishing in Montauk; her daughter said "But I want to go to Six Flags". Eileen had a great Mother's Day winning the afternoon pool, while another mom tied for the pool in the morning. All in all, 29 anglers caught 55 keepers in the morning, while about 20 keepers were caught in the afternoon for about 20 of us. Sea bass and blackfish were also caught and released.

Thanks to Capt. Rob and all the mates for a great day on the reef.

Report Photos

Mom Eileen wins the afternoon pool

Eileens flatties beat George's

Harry ties another mom for the AM pool

There are still some nice flatties on the reef

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