Title/Location Captree Princess
Region New York - South Shore West of Fire Island
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By ekihss
Date Posted 2011-10-15 18:25:13

It looks like the stripers are finally starting to show up. After not sailing for 2 days because of high seas, Capt. Rob took a small group of about 15 anglers out to the inlet to chum for stripers with clams and fish finder rigs. The wind was a steady 15-20 kt and it was rather rough. There was a flurry of activity initially, and a young man named Vinnie caught his first striper. He thought he was caught with someone on the other side and Capt. James told him he had a big fish on. He caught a 27 lber that won the pool. A family visiting from Alabama caught their fair share. Dr. Mike and I each got a keeper.

Rob noticed the bite slowing down on all the other boats and took us into the bay where we fished with very light, or no weight. There wasn't much action there, so we switched rigs for blackfish for the last hour. There was immediate action on green crabs. I caught about 5 or 6 shorts, but there were several keepers. The father from Alabama caught a keeper. I told him that fishing with all these southern accents around me made me feel like I was on the Bill Dance show. He said that he used to fish with Bill Dance in the '70s in bass tournaments. I should have gotten his name.

Hopefully, the stripers are coming back. If the Fall is half as good as last year, it should be a lot of fun fishing.

Report Photos

Vinnie's first striper and pool winner

limited out

Another angler gets his two

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