Title/Location FI Bunker Pods
Region New York - South Shore East of Fire Island
Fishing Method Inshore
Posted By Big E
Date Posted 2011-07-03 10:23:46

Went out on 7/2 with target being the reef for some fluke and sea bass.

Passed the RM Needle in 50 feet and came upon a huge pod of bunker. Fish finder went crazy showing 16 feet even though we were deeper than 50!

Proceeded to work that pod although we didn't have much hope as they were not being harassed. Saw another boat near us score with 2 nice bass, but that was it.

Left for the reef . No drift, slate glass water and no fish.

A couple of shorts and skates.

Took a ride to the "Valley" east of OB and found great water but no fish and no bait.

Headed back to the reef where the drift picked up immensely. Need to switch to 8 and 10 ounces even with braid.

A few shorts, no sea bass all day and we decide to head for the FI Inlet buoy for a last drift.

Spotted bunker flipping in 52 feet just SW of the head buoy. Snagged one, and and sent her down. Hooked up with a good fish about 2 minutes later.

Fortunately, my buddy Dan kept calm and went back in the cabin to get the big net. Best move of the day!

Boated the fish and went back on the pod and snagged 3 more. Reading bait almost top to bottom and got on them. Drifted out of the pod tried to get back on them. No more splashes...and no more pod! They all just disappeared!

Scouted for 10 minutes but just couldn't find them again!

Weighed in back at Lindenhurst B & T at 34.34 pounds.

Report Photos

34# Striper $ Lindenhurst Bait & Tackle

Just out of the net

Re: FI Bunker Pods

Postby Hawkboat » Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:45 am

Atta boy Eric..nice to see some stripes for a change.
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