Title/Location June 6-8 2009 Gulf of Maine
Region New England - Gloucester Massachusetts
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By YankeeCapts
Date Posted 2009-06-09 18:43:08

June 9 2009 Wind Southeast 20 Knot Temperature 60 Degrees

2 Day Cashes Special

More of the same. Some drifts great, others just a pick. If you could cast away from the boat and work your jig you did fine. High hook had upwards of forty fish each day. Overall fish count for each was good also. Overall numbers are not appropriate. Not as many pollock this trip either. It took a couple days to get things straight but now the fishing begins to give me facts as to where and more importantly why. Things are very specific this year and local knowledge and experience is the key. The most important key actually. We also landed our first halibut of the season, Gilbert Wong was the lucky angler.

Here is a link with some pictures as well a report from customers on the trip.

1 Day Cashes Special

On a hunch and with serious thoughts I headed to a completely different area. I tried to talk myself out of going here but my confidence (or arrogance?) made the decision easy. I sweated the ride out tossing and turning in the bunk hoping my hunch was correct. I got up in the morning turned the machine on and was rewarded with a show of fish I have not seen this the early nineties in the Great South Channel. We went to work and were rewarded with a excellent day. Two or three cod on all the time with a great mix and large haddock too. Only a handful of pollock and cusk today. Again I was personally able to gaff 4 haddock over 10 pounds. We drifted all day and never used any bait. High hook was Bill Wilson with the CACA group a close second or maybe Joe Rocha?. Every time I went up the pulpit they always had a fish on. Again overall trip totals are not appropriate for this report. The weather was perfect, less than 5 knots of wind and the sun made appearance for most of the trip. It was t shirt and shorts weather for most of the day. The best part of the trip for me was how easy it was. It has been a long time for me to be confident and not have to worry about the weather or the conditions. This past winter has left some deep scars. I know all to well how things change so I am going to enjoy this while I can. Times like this are the reason we do what we do. The Yankee Capts deserves and has earned these last two weeks.

We are headed out tonight with what appears to be some less than favorable weather. I hope the NWS is wrong because if the wind gives us a break the bite should tick. Low pressure, overcast and a falling barometer are all good things if the wind stays down.

This Saturday we start our 7-4 All Day Limited Load Cod trips. We still have plenty of room and are offering 2-1 for all 7-4 and marathon trips. Book one trip and get a second one free! Nobody is offering those types of savings this year!

Here is a list of all the upcoming trips-

Limited Load Weekend Fishing Trips- 6/13

Bait & Haddock Express-6/17

2 Day Skippers Choice-6/18-19

Special 1 Day Weekend-6/21 This trip is very light but it is over a weekend!

Give Alana in the office a call, she would love to hear from you!

Thanks for looking, more Wednesday.

Capt. Greg

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