Title/Location Viking Star Stellwagen
Region New England - Gloucester Massachusetts
Fishing Method Offshore
Posted By Capt.Carl
Date Posted 2011-05-03 10:32:39

Monday May 2nd
Viking Star Quincy
Capt. Carl reports a great day of fishing at Stellwagen. We went in the right direction this time and found excellent fishing with both cod and pollack. The cod ranged in size from shorts to larger market, with the majority of them market sized. We saw a lot of double headers with both the cod and the pollack, and it didn't take long to fill the coolers! There were only a few haddock in the mix. The weather was absolutely perfect today as well!
Nicki Noel from Brooklyn, NY took the cod pool with a 19 lb cod! Brian Huggard of Levitown, NY took the edible pool with. 14 lb pollack.

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