How I Leader my Hammer Bomb To a Fly!

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How I Leader my Hammer Bomb To a Fly!

Postby Scuba Chris » Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:21 pm

How I Leader my Hammer Bomb to a gflie808 Fishing Fly!

I've shown everyone this past year this past year Bill Newton's Hammer Bomb & how it assists the fisherman in casting live or dead baits to lures, grubs or flies from shore day or night. Every HB is engineered to be used specifically for night (flashing & glowing) to deeper depths (weighted lead-filled resin) to fish the shallows (unleaded-no lead so it sinks slowly) without snagging the bottom. This saves money from replacing lost gear to time being spent re-tying a new rig.

My friend from the Big Island of Hawaii, Gary Ah Sing, is an innovator who wraps custom rods to tying flies to target local species. His business gflies808 even covers customized special steel live bait needles. Gary is perfecting his fly tying skills to help local anglers target desired species by offering inexpensive fishing flies & accessories.

Since i've been getting request how i leader my HB i decided to combine those request with the products i'm now testing. This is a "How To" on how i make my leaders using a Hammer Bomb. I've added red beads to my leader lines to accessorize the flies appearance and used a Breakaway Canon on my rod to help give me casting distance. Any lure/bait will do. I also decided to pinch-in the barbs to go barbless. This isn't necessary & is a personal choice as i C&R most of my catches.
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