Relaxing Weekend w/"The Hungry Fisherman"!

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Relaxing Weekend w/"The Hungry Fisherman"!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sat Feb 20, 2021 2:34 pm

Several Local Anglers Relaxing On The Pier-Including YouTube's "The Hungry Fisherman"!

It was a mish-mash fishing weekend. Had the chance to fish with new acquaintance Thomas Mckinley of YouTube's "The Hungry Fisherman" to my new buddies Zeke Planas & Noah Pono Amantiad as well as my ultra-lite buddy Jared.

No matter what i tried if it was bait bags to crabs, the only strikes were Porcupine Burr Fish. I brought gear for larger fish only. Just so happens the smaller species were predominant, this time. It was still nice fishing with new found buddies.

My only complaint was an obvious nube who threw his line directly over & on top of mine. Then tried throwing a "locked-up" conventional & the lead & bait sailed away after the line snapped. Ended-up stationing his rig 5ft away from mine after his last cast even though there was 100's of feet of open area. I confronted him extremely pissed but thought twice since his young kid was with him so after telling him i wanted a word with him i decided not to put him down in front of everyone (who already figured out what type of angler he was). He knew i wasn't happy so i hope he reads this because the next guy he pisses off may not be as forgiving. By the way the last pic at the ending shows my rod on the left that was there since early morning to his 5ft on the right with his line tract showing a direct bead to my baited hook.
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