Okuma's Blue Azores Z6000H Spinning Reel!

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Okuma's Blue Azores Z6000H Spinning Reel!

Postby Scuba Chris » Mon Dec 28, 2020 10:36 pm

Early Review For USA Release By Okuma! The Blue Azores Z6000H!

Okuma released the Blue Azores Spinner to Europe, Asia & Australia in 2017. Since then the American version has been the silver & black version. But now Okuma plans on re-offering the Blue Azores with improved features & new sizing for the US market in 2019. The Azores has been one of the best selling spinning reels Okuma has ever made. Regarded as a heavy duty offshore power spinner for jigging & casting from boat or shore in a variety of sizes which will also change in 2019.

The improved US version of the Blue Azores will have-
Solid extra thick aluminum handle for strength & extra torque.
Thicker Internal Gearing 3-5x the original to give extra torque &
boosting power (also will extend the units life span).
Machined aluminum 2-tone drag knob with carbon fiber insert.
Hydro Block Drive=Prevents water from entering.

All units will still incorporate-
Dual anti-reverse.
Thick bail wire.
Oversized spool shaft for added strength & stabilization.
6+1 ball bearings.
Knurled spool design for braid (no tape is needed now).
Carbon Fiber Mechanical Stabilizing System retards electrolysis.
Handle interchangeable from left to right.
Grease packed SS bearings.

The New Sizing Standards?
Current New
40 4000
55 6000
65 8000
80 14000

Okuma will not only offer resized reels with improved features but new spinning, bait casting & plugging rods currently being tested.All the rod types will be color coded as well. The aesthetics of the new colors & styles are simply AWESOME. And the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality & performance that you'll be acquiring!

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