How To Make Bait Bags!

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How To Make Bait Bags!

Postby Scuba Chris » Wed Oct 14, 2020 1:56 pm

Pro Med is Now Big Vic's Bait Netting!

I tested my new method of making bait bags at Chocolate Beach. The baits i used were frozen Ika (Squid) & fresh Blue Pincher Crab. Any "smelly" bait will work. You need to include the guts to enhance the aromatic scent. You will save money using this system. How? I'm always checking & changing my baits when i use shrimp or squid. Using this system you don't have to ever check your bait or re-bait. Also you won't lose the bait when casting.

All day long i was feeding something "big" out there. It kept cutting my 60# fluorocarbon leader line. Actually i ran out of bait, first time this has happen to me. But i used my extension net & caught enough Blue Pincher Crabs to continue fishing. I was just happy that my new system works. Got no vids on the massive strikes as the duration was under 10sec and either the bags were torn off or the line cut.

You can purchase this tubular elastic bandage rolls at most medical supply houses or pharmaceuticals. The size i like is #01 at 1/2in. The tube expands so you can keep adding to it. I was very pleased with the results, you will to.

For those that "think" the nylon in the stretchable bags are bad for the fish & the environment has never used this method. After 100's of bags used by myself & my friends not a single one ended-up on the reef or remained within a fish. When a fish hits a bag the fact that the hook is intertwined with the hook makes it next to impossible for the bag to easily fall off that hook unless you pinch the barbs thus forming a "barbless" hook. The only exception is if the leaderline breaks.

Please share my videos & subscribe to my channel Scuba Chris if you like what i do. If you decide to graciously donate to my page Scuba Chris please let me know as YouTube doesn't inform me who donates. I purchase all my highlighted equipment to produce these videos. Any donations go towards equipment cost & upkeep to fuel cost to get to my destinations.
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