My NEW 14' Okuma Whipping Rig For A Night Out On The Rocks!

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My NEW 14' Okuma Whipping Rig For A Night Out On The Rocks!

Postby Scuba Chris » Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:15 pm

Pre-Rigging My Whipping Leaders For Akule Whipping!

Roughly 18-months ago i was going whipping "spin casting" after the Izuo Brothers Product Show but after the drinks at The Restaurant that night i decided to go home. The video & picture segments remained in my MacBook until i found them today. One of the prototype rods revealed was the 14ft HCS Spin Casting Rod that tackle store giant Tokunaga's commissioned Okuma to produce for them. Why?

At night Big Island locals love whipping the shorelines for Akule. You stood a better chance of catching from shore if you could get your lines out further. This rod was made for that purpose. I've been using it here on Oahu for awhile until it was officially released. Caught many Jacks "Papio", Barracudas "Kaku", Scads "Akule" and Reds "Menpachi & Aweoweo" at night. During the day my catches were limited to Papio & Kaku. A 4000 sized spinner finished the combo. At the time i was using a Blue Azores 4K but now i use a Helios40S.

Using a 1oz lead egg i'm impressed with the distance achieved. You will too.
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